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Happy Valentine Day

I KNOW MY English  Is Terrible!!haha.

Today I going to Write About my Valentine.

For the First I want to Wish u all Happy Valentine Day!

 B4 the day Valentine i was go the PC Fair Penang,That time

 I very Com fuse that what should i GIFT to My Dear.

Finally I found that he love something

which the Brands he love! 

Skull Candy Headphone!

He was love it while he 1st look for it


I dint not think too much for it just buy for he for the Valentine Day!

Wahaha!He Was quite surprise that Im Suddenly Buy it for He.

The Saturday 

B4 the Valentine Day actualy i try to find the 2nd Present But Fail!

It only Accompany my Friend  Wai Wai to buy the present for her BF!

And find the dress for her 21st Birthday Party!

WELL.We just bought the present and she bought some make up stuff only.

Is Turn to Sunday.............

Dear is already tell me that will have a surprise for me on this day

OMG! he play me since few say ago la ><

I Guess and guess also wrong TT

TT  On the actualy day of sunday he still Play me ><

Call me going down from house, and put a blank Box with the card!

so sad me ><

But the Finally he was suddenly appear infront of me!


I Terkejut!!wahaha!

And straight away i Shout out

I love it !is in my Room! 

Is a big SHin Chan Flower!!!!

I love it la!!!

It is He do for me by himself!!


He learn from half year ago he said ><

After that we are going Qbm for the Movie 

while waiting the time we going Starbucks!

What movie we see?

结婚的那件事  The wedding Day

This story line actually is quite fun la.

And the story line all is cause of the FACE Problem!



Thats WHy!

Think Before You say! My MAN!

U  Sure will  Ki Xiao 1! haha!

WELL! For the Valentine Day!

After We work we going for the Dinner In Nandos!


my throat  Is paint! 

but i still going to Eat Hor liao!

Cincai la!

Yoyo! I was get the 2nd surprise from dear!

THE (模型屋) ! 

Omg!My wishlist Present la! 

Actually is Extra want la~  

Now I really Crazy with the princess stuff 

my room all in white furniture,and try to decorate more nice!

but If he give something i got use everyday

 i also will happy too !XD

The important is he love me right?

But i really wont buy this when shopping >< 

It Quite Expensive leh!

ER..................................Will Poh KAi eh!


I very Thanks you dear! Especially The Flower you make you own!

I know it sure very expensive for only the Shin Chan!

 It not small like the Key Chain neh!

It was Hide out almost my half body jor !



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