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The college life with Redbox+beach

Making t shirt class

the botak is our lecturer..actual is senior la..haha

We are going MUKA HEAD



the uncle

v going eating b4 hikking

when v r reach

the boat v siting back

2 rajin de drawing d lu..

nice leh?

our lecturer..mr.Larren

it lecturer

hey wan sapu sun protection?

it time 2 capture

wah。。so fast wan doing homewrk d..baru reach nian wor..


the girl i concern

the boy i feel he is childish but after muka head i jus noe he oso noe wat is concern!

too small room 4 us la..it is mre then15++

xiaezz say...this is my life without eu.
it ok for me..cs i had my fren.,.

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